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Leadership for Washington's future.

Lynne Dodson

Dear Friends,

A calling has sustained me for all of my life - to work for social justice, to serve the social good, to do my part to change the world. My skills and experience as a leader, a coalition builder, and a fighter are well suited to working in the state legislature. I believe that people want representatives to work for justice, fairness, equality, and a better world for all of us. I intend to bring my version of idealism, activism, and grassroots democracy to a seat in the Washington State House of Representatives.

In the state legislature, I will bring my experience in leadership and coalition building to:

  • Adequate funding of education

  • A voice for workers and family wage jobs

  • Protecting and extending human and civil rights for all

  • Developing a rational, equitable tax structure

  • Environmental stewardship

Looking forward to serving you,
Lynne Dodson

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